Book Expo, Cobras, and Girls Carried Away By Monsters

I’m in NYC now, ostensibly to attend Book Expo. Well, I AM attending Book Expo. Maybe this afternoon. Maybe not, because things got ridiculously screwed up, and I’m now on the 3rd reschedule of a certain radio interview, due to phone malfunctions on both sides of the call, no doubt caused by whichever god of communication happened to be paying attention to Queen of Kings.

However, I’m DEFINITELY going to be SIGNING at Book Expo, 10 AM, Wednesday morning, the 25th. Half hour of me. Trapped before you. I’m in the autograph tent. I’d like to tell you I’ll be the girl wearing the dress made of live snakes, but it’s strangely hard to rent such a thing.  I WILL tell you that I’ll be giving away very cool snake fake tattoos.

You probably want one.

Come talk to me.

Also, though I can’t share any photos yet, I went to Philadelphia yesterday to have some pictures taken by the legendary Kyle Cassidy. Legendary to those who love portraits, rock and roll, and fabulous compositions, anyway.  In fact, I think I mentioned just a week or so ago that I wanted to get him to take my picture. It happened. We went wandering in a cemetery.  And Sxip Shirey was with us.  Maybe he played a monster for us. Maybe not. Maybe I got carried away. Maybe not. Maybe the back of my dress was covered with mud by the time we left the cemetery…

The images will be revealed soon.

Come see me at Book Expo.  It will be fun.  If you want, I’ll help you apply your snake.


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