Python. Wig. Insta-Charity-Cleopatra.

Greetings, world. I know. I haven’t put anything up in this blog in ages. Why? I’ve been writing. And other things.

This photo is an accurate depiction of Other Things.

Rubber python. Flammable wig. Insta-Charity-Cleopatra. I was more dressed when I did the public version of this. Although, here I am, putting this not-very-dressed version up for public consumption. Really, I’m just trying to stack the Google Image deck. There are unflattering pictures of me up there. For Example: I went to a certain benefit a couple years back. I got caught in a rainstorm on the way. I had bad bangs. My hair curled up weirdly. And then, my picture got very, very taken.  This one, bangs and all, is at least kind of kitschy-hot.  I’m willing to allow it into the world.

The reason I was wearing such a get up was that I was in a benefit author variety show for Seattle7Writers. We raised money for a bunch of lit causes, a week or so back. Not lit causes, I hasten to correct. We’re not a group of drunk people. (Except sometimes.) No, we raised cash for several worthy groups, people who do virtuous things. We do virtuous things too, usually. In this case,though, I was dressed like this, and my friend Lynn Brunelle was dressed in a chicken suit. It was a party worth attending. Jennie Shortridge sang. Randy Sue Coburn tapdanced and did the splits. Erik Larson and Garth Stein danced. I did a cha cha with Boyd Morrison (who is way better at such things than I am).  All in all, gentle humiliation for all.

Which is basically what it is to be a writer, so it’s all good.

Other news. World Fantasy Convention 2011 is coming up – Oct 27-30 in San Diego. I will be there.  I will be findable. I always am. Look for the girl with the gigantic grin and the big Horus tattoo across her shoulders. But if you want to DEFINITELY see me, come to this on Thursday night.

Thursday, October 27th, 9:00 PM

Pacific 1: Out From Under the Bed: Monster as Protagonist

Writing from the perhaps less than sympathetic point of view of a true monster is a unique challenge. The writer is asked to bring the monster out into the light, and write from the point of view of a creature whose history is inherently alienating. Panelist discuss the history of the monstrous protagonist in literature: John Gardner’s Grendel, Ann Carson’s Autobiography of Red, and, of course Frankenstein, and of ways of creating empathy for monsters – even when, perhaps, they are doing horrible things.

Peter Brett (M), Christine Cody, Maria Headley, Nick Mamatas, Shannon Page

I’m very excited, because a)this panel was my idea (I did, after all, just write a bloody, slashy monster protagonist) and b)there are awesome other people on it. I read Nick Mamatas’ Sensation over the summer, and I thought it kicked ass. Parasitic opinionated insects, yo. Possession by same. These are topics I like.

I’ll be at other things. I don’t know what they are yet. Follow me on Twitter for a running, no doubt maddening commentary on my movements. Interspersed with quotes from whomever is talking to me.  Or at me.

What else? I wrote an essay for the magnificent Kat Howard and Fantasy Matters blog, which will be posted at some point in the next week. (UPDATE: HERE IS THE ESSAY). It’s for an All Hallows Read series, (don’t know what All Hallow’s Read is? Click that link and learn about it. It’s pretty great, and you should ALL participate. By ALL, I mean the entire internet. If everyone bought scary books and gave them as Halloween presents, I’d be happier. Scary books don’t rot teeth. And, you know, they’re books. Yay!) It’s about a scary as fuck story I’ve long been in love with, T.E.D. Klein’s The Events at Poroth Farm.

Speaking of Kat, she and I met at long last a few weeks ago, after months of mutual twitter stalking. We love all the same things, from obscure perfumes to long lost demons. Kat’s a medievalist (ooh, my heart pitter-patters), and a fantastic fiction writer (here, see for yourself: The Calendar of Saints , Sweet Sixteen ,  and on Selected Shorts, the audio version of A Life In Fictions.) If you’re at WFC, she’s reading on Friday at 11:30AM. I will be there.

Otherwise, I’ve just been writing. I’m working on a whole ridiculous slew of secret projects. Not that secret, really.  Since I last updated this blog, I wrote a novella (yes! A novella! I’d never written one before, so this was exciting stuff) involving tigers. It’s out on submission. Hopefully it’ll appear somewhere soon. When it does, there will be announcements here.

I also wrote a short story involving serious maritime monsterness.

I worked on another short story, a tall tale, that I’d long had in a half-finished state, and finally knew how to finish. That one was something that I once aimed at the literary fiction market. I got a lot of grief for the amount of sex it contains. Now, hurray, nobody cares how much sex it contains. This is one of the real joys of writing in this genre these days. You can write good sex!  There’s an ongoing bewildering thing that happens in the lit fiction world, which is that bad sex can count as good writing, but good sex almost always counts as erotica, and therefore you end up thrown into the slushtrash. I’ve never understood this.  I think writing a hot sex scene is difficult. More difficult than it is to write a scene of embarrassing or unsatisfying sex. Describing pleasure is as hard or harder than describing pain.We should all know this. But we don’t.

Anyway. Hopefully both of those two stories will end up somewhere public soon as well. They’re both extremely fun.

And of course, writing away on the Queen of Kings Sequel, as well as on another Top Secret Stupidly Fun Novel Project.

If you’re at WFC, come find me. I am always looking for drinking buddies, and people who want to gossip about monsters invented thousands of years ago.


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