Hello world:

I know. I never blog. It’s because I tweet All. The. Time. And also because I’m always writing like a maniac and blogging, being long form,  feels dangerously like avoiding the writing of books, which fills me with guilt. I just typed “feels me with guilt,” and that is also true.

But. Things to report. Schedule things.

In March, I’ll be at both the Tucson Festival of Books, and at ICFA (the International Convention of Fantastic in the Arts).

TUCSON, MARCH 10-12, 2012

The Tucson Festival of Books is March 10-12, and it’s on the University of Arizona campus. You should so come.

I’m on the following (AWESOME) panels. Actually, I’m totally excited. It’ll be fun to do panels that are both speculative and not, because Queen of Kings, yep, hybrid. So I’m doing some fantasy stuff, and some history stuff, and one that is both at once. The other authors I’ll be paneling with are totally cool too, and it should just be fun as hell.

Epic Worlds with Diana Gabaldon, Terry Brooks, Maria Dahvana Headley, Moderator Maryelizabeth Hart
Panel / Sat 1:00 PM – 02:00 PM
Student Union – South Ballroom

Same Place, Same Time, Different Reality: Alternate Histories in Fiction with Naomi Novik, Cherie Priest, Maria Dahvana Headley, Robin Hobb, Moderator Mark McLemore.

Panel / Sat 4:00 PM – 05:00 PM
Chemistry – Room 111

Bringing Icons to Life: Elizabeth I, Cleopatra, Mark Twain with Margaret George, Maria Dahvana Headley and Laura E. Scandera Trombley, Moderator Pam Treadwell-Rubin. 

Multi Genre – Sci-Fi/Lit/Fiction/History, CSPAN Book TV Live Broadcast
Panel / Sun 4:00 PM – 05:00 PM
Koffler – Room 218

This last one will be live streamed on CSpan BookTV, so if you’re far away from Tucson, you can still see it.

I’m signing too, but I’m not sure when. I think Terry, Diana and I are signing just after our panel, and I suspect there will be other opportunities post panels. AND PLEASE COME TALK TO ME in that signing line! Terry and Diana are very famous! I’ll be the one without the long line. Thus VERY AVAILABLE FOR YOUR CONVERSATION PLEASURE.

I’m also going to be at the Author’s Table dinner on March 9, but I think it’s sold out. Headliner is the magnificent Luis Alberto Urrea.


ORLANDO, FL, March 21-25

I’m a guest author at ICFA this year, and I’m completely looking forward to it. Mostly, I’ll just be hanging out, but if you’d like to hear me read, I’m sharing a reading slot with the wonderful Kat Howard on Friday morning. (Um. Early. Between 8:30 and 10am, as I read the schedule. So you will see us looking vague, and clutching caffeine. There will be partying the night before. There always is.)

68. Author Readings VI – Vista A

Host: Jim Casey, Reading: Maria Dahvana Headley, Kathleen Howard, Kij Johnson

There will be tons of other authors there. Just look at the list. It’s awesome. I cannot wait. Not least, there ought to be sunshine in FL in March, just as there will be sunshine in AZ, and I, being from Seattle, am a pale thing and in need of rays. So, heaven. Thank you, writers conferences and lit festivals!
Final thing, not a schedule thing, but a cool stuff thing:
I’ve got a new short up at Subterranean Press. It’s a mixture of maritime curiosities and  Bertolt Brecht (um, of course) and it’s called Seeräuber.  Which is the German word for pirate, or, really, Sea Robber. I wrote it on a mad spree a few months ago, and I really love its weird dark self. It’s a monster story, yes. Again. And it has bits from the POV of a dog. I know.  If you like it, send other people to read it. That would be a very nice and very helpful thing for you to do.
Here are a couple of paragraphs from it, to perhaps induce you to click over and visit the whole story at Subterranean.

The hotelier examined his purchase, pleased with himself. He was not, however, certain that this was what he’d meant to do. He’d left his old hotel on an errand for his wife, and now he was here, the new owner of a mermaid, a dragon, a monster, an angel, a Jenny, a Haniver. This thing, his new possession, didn’t look like any Jenny he’d ever known. She had no sparkling hazel eyes, no shining hair, no flirtatious smile. This thing looked significantly less than a Jenny, and yet, somehow much more than a fish. She was a thing, and not even quite a thing. The hotelier felt queasy. He took her, nonetheless, in her large and heavy liquid-full jar, and hauled her down the street in his rolling cart.

A little white terrier belonging to the hotel trotted alongside, and barked at the Jenny. He looked through the glass at her, his dog eyeball looking directly into her Jenny eyeball, and judged what he found there. Nothing good, the dog knew, and had known since he first saw her. Nothing the least bit good. He barked at the top of his voice, but his master only clucked at him and made his way toward home, back along the cobbles and through the alleys, all the places already marked by the dog that very morning. They’d been meant to go to the market. The dog could smell the spices they’d forgotten to buy. He tried to tug at his master’s trousers, but the master walked on, dragging the wagon behind him.


 The image above is of a Jenny Haniver. If you’d like to read more about them, this is a great little piece.
The above noted Kat Howard read Seerauber soon after I wrote it, and she is wholly responsible for introducing Bill Schafer at Subterranean to it. I’m a lucky person. I know so many amazing writers, and they also happen to be generous.  Kat’s own fantastic story, The Least of the Deathly Arts , is in the same issue of Subterranean, right here. You should go read it right now.
And that’s all I’ve got for you today! I’m writing. And happy. I hope you are too.


  1. I know this is a belated comment, but I had to let you know how much I love this phrase: ‘unknown thisandsuch’. 🙂

    Happy Writing!
    – Shelby

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