Whee! I’m a storySouth Million Writers Award finalist…

Totally unexpectedly, as it happens. Whoever nominated Give Her Honey When You Hear Her Scream, thank you! 

So this award is cool! It’s an annual award given out to celebrate the best fiction published online. Give Her Honey was published in Lighspeed, and was a Nebula Award finalist this year, so it’s had some nice recognition. It’s one part love story, one part betrayal story. There’s a witch and a magician and a labyrinth with a monster in it. I love that people enjoyed it. 

Finalists were chosen by editorial board, but the award is a popular vote. 

There are 9 other great stories on the list, and you can vote very easily for any of them, though if you liked Give Her Honey, I’d love it if you voted for her! It’s a click and a couple fill-in questions.

Here’s the page for the award itself, with all the story links – and links to the many lovely honorable mentions too. 

Here’s the VOTING FORM.

I’d love it if you’d vote! There’s a link to the story on the award page, and here’s a link to the Author Spotlight from Lightspeed which talks about the story and where it came from. 

Thank you, nice people! 


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